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Company Background
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Company Background

A Global Leader in Charger Manufacture.
Global leading quality, More reasonable price.

Market background

- PowerFirst was officially set up at the beginning of 2005 which was created from an EMS(Electronic Manufacturing Servicle) supplier for German Varta Industry Batteries. Untill 2014, PowerFirst charger exported market reaches 41 Countries and Areas!

Management Background

- Our top managers, especially R&D engineers are almost the 1st generation technicians in the field of battery, charger, UPS, inverter and other switching power supplies industries in the mainland China and Taiwan, who help us to be outstanding in desiging charger that pretty match batteries as well as specific applications. Charger is a product that integrates knowledge of battery characteristics and the know-how of power electronics, communication interface, software, etc.

GM Background

- Our GM( General Manager) was a share-holder of a SLA battery manufacturer before he set up PowerFirst and this experience is very helpful of knowing the ins and outs of how to design a good charger for batteries.

Business foundation background

- PowerFirst business originated from a famous German battery manufacturer called Varta Automotive. Some of our chargers were designed and produced in Germany or Spain 10 years ago. For cost issues, Varta shifted its charger business unit to China in 2003~2005, which is how PowerFirst was established.

Company Milestone
  • 1993~2003
    PowerFirst GM and some top managers worked for a Taipei public listed Uninterruptiable Power Supply company which was acquired by Eaton in 1999, and involved in setting up a Lead Acid Battery manufacturer.

  • 2003~2005
    Purchasing Varta’s charger business unit and setting up “PowerFirst”for manufacturing charger, mainly producing chargers for Varta Industry Batteries based on ODM module at the very beginning.

  • 2006
    PowerFirst start selling it’s own standard charger besides Varta’s ODM projects. Now PowerFirst is a professional and systematic enterprise focusing on battery charger’s design & Manufacture

  • 2008
    PowerFirst became the world leading charger producer in Mobility market, Stephen Hawking’s electric wheelchair’s charger was produced by PowerFirst.

  • 2009
    PowerFirst became Simens and GE’s qualified OEM supplier

  • 2009~2013
    PowerFirst shipped out more than 1,200,000 pcs chargers worldwide from 2009 to 2013.

  • 2014
    PowerFirst cooperated with Yamaha,and sponsored Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.
    PowerFirst chargers exported market reaches 41Countries and Areas.
Electric Wheelchairs
Electric Scooters
Electric forklifts
Aerial Work Platforms
Golf Cars
Logistics Vehicles
Floor Care Machines
Electric Tools
Electric Vehicles
Industrial Charger
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Pro 300
Pro 720
Pro 750
Pro 1000
Smart Family
Smart 150
Smart 300
Smart 360
Smart 450
Smart 600
Smart 800
Smart 1200
Super C Family
Super C 2400
Super C 3600
Mobility Charger
PF 60
PF 150
PF 150AL
PF 240
PF 240X
PF 240i
PF 300
PF 360
3-in-1 DC + MCU x 2
EV Charging Station
120KW DC Charging Pile
60KW DC Charging Pile
20KW Charging Module
15KW Charging Module
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