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Global leading quality, More reasonable price.

PowerFirst Technology Co., Ltd

Address: Lantian Bld., Kaitian Science Park, Pinghu Street, Shenzhen, China. 518111

Contact Person: Oscar Duan
Title: Marketing Manager

M:+86 13682504127
Tel: +86 755 28441619 Fax:+86-755-28441679

Email: marketing@epowerfirst.com
Website: www.epowerfirst.com

If you are interested in becoming part of our success, and would like to be a distributor of our products, then please feel free to get in touch with us for more details!

Let’s work together for a brighter future!

Electric Wheelchairs
Electric Scooters
Electric forklifts
Aerial Work Platforms
Golf Cars
Logistics Vehicles
Floor Care Machines
Electric Tools
Electric Vehicles
Industrial Charger
Pro Family
Pro 300
Pro 720
Pro 750
Pro 1000
Smart Family
Smart 150
Smart 300
Smart 360
Smart 450
Smart 600
Smart 800
Smart 1200
Super C Family
Super C 2400
Super C 3600
Mobility Charger
PF 60
PF 150
PF 150AL
PF 240
PF 240X
PF 240i
PF 300
PF 360
3-in-1 DC + MCU x 2
EV Charging Station
120KW DC Charging Pile
60KW DC Charging Pile
20KW Charging Module
15KW Charging Module
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