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Product List
Battery Charger/12V
Battery Charger/24V
Battery Charger/36V
Battery Charger/48V
Electric wheelchair Charger
EV Charging Station
Charger Accessories
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Product List

Product Model Name Definition:
PFCXXXX-XXCHXX ("PF" for "PowerFirst", "C" for "Charger", PFCXXXX for the power output commitment in full load condition)
XXCHXX: for Nominal Battery System Voltage and the Max. Constant Current
“L” for generic design without PFC function design

PF XXXX: "PF" for "PowerFirst"; XXXX: First 2 digits “XX “ for Nominal Battery System Voltage, the last 2 digits for The Max Constant Current.

 150W Mobility Series(MAX 180W)

 150W Smart Think (MAX 250W)
 300W Series (MAX 360W)

360W Smart Series 

450W~600W Smart Think Series

800W Smart Think Series

900W~1200W Smart Think Series



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