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Service System
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Service System

PowerFirst provides 2 years (1+1) guarantee on all battery chargers, on the condition that they have been used in accordance with the user´s manual and have not been subjected to physical damage.

Repairs are handled by our own technicians, whose expertise and extensive experience can provide optimal service and ensure that high-quality repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

PowerFirst offers training courses about product knowledge of battery , charger and after-sale service. These courses are going to be held at headquarters in Shenzhen, China or Madrid office. If you want to receive more information about training courses, please contact us.
We offer the following training support:
  • Full range of charger series, the concept, the advantages and application of our design
  • Knowledge about Lead acid battery product and its application
  • Battery charging and discharging performance
  • Sharing our experience in the field of power energy design 

Our service system offers

  • 2 years (1+1) quality assurance & warranty
  • Training support (both available in Shenzhen and Madrid office)
  • Charger and Battery product consultation
  • Small order accepted under certain conditions & market domain
  • Spare parts & faulty parts replacement (almost all charger electronic components available in our Madrid office)
  • Spare parts & faulty parts replacement  (almost charger electronic components available in our Madrid office)
  • We welcome orders with our own "" brand. We are also flexible to accept orders on OEM/ODM project. basis of customer’s needs.  
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